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Test Prep

Your Custom-Made IELTS and TOEIC
Preparation Program

At Know-English Academy, we help you prepare for testing by preparing customized courses so that you can attain your highest score. We give you tips and techniques to help you save time, give you confidence, and improve your vocabulary. We also try and help you by working with you to enhance your study ​habits.

Classmates in the Library
One-to-One Test Preparation Programs

IELTS Prep (Intermediate to Advanced):
We will help you prepare for the speaking, listening, reading, and writing components of the test by covering all four skills. We will familiarize you with the test so that you can be confident when taking it.
We offer courses in both the Academic and General Tests.

TOEIC Prep (Intermediate to Advanced):
Our course focuses on learning the four key areas of the TOEIC exam: reading, speaking, writing, pronunciation.
We will teach you the nuances of taking the exam and how 
recognize grammatical structures, which will help you save time.

Eiken Test Prep: Our course focuses on getting you ready to take the test.  




TOEIC 準備コース(中級~上級)。





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