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Adult Conversation Classes

One to One lessons

Your Custom-Made English Language Speaking Class

Whether you are a complete beginner, returnee, or a proficient speaker of English, we will design a course for you. It doesn't matter if you prefer to study online or come to our school; we will make sure that you can learn comfortably and at your own pace. Our adult conversations classes are mostly done on a man-to-man basis to meet the student's individualized learning goals. We look forward to getting to know you and for you to get to know us.

Adult Conversation Class Components

In my opinion, pronunciation is where language-speaking begins. We teach you how to pronounce words so you can make an impact when you are speaking English. Your first impression is made by how you sound. Are you easy to understand? It is an important question that you must ask yourself when speaking English. We teach pronunciation in all of our English courses, ranging from beginner to advanced.

Vocabulary ( varies depending on ability):
Vocabulary is power. A substantial vocabulary allows you to diversify your English and also helps you become a more dynamic speaker. We introduce vocabulary, phrasal verbs, and idioms to enrich your English with colorful language so that you can more deeply express yourself. 

Role Plays:
Language learning is all about output. If you study, memorize, write, and read, it isn't enough. It would be best if you used what you learn so that you can gauge your progress. During our role plays, we encourage our students to speak and not worry about making mistakes. We believe that we learn by making mistakes, and use role-plays as an outlet to show what we have learned.







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