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Learning a language takes time. There are no magic bullets when it comes to learning a language. The most important thing you should look for is an improvement in your abilities. Are you getting better? Is your listening improving? Can you catch or use idioms or phrasal verbs? If, after a three month or 6-month course, you can answer yes, then you are well on your way to becoming a fluent English speaker.

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How long does it take to learn English?

Learning a language should not be ridiculously expensive. If you are paying large sums of money for coaching, training, teaching, you are spending too much money. Most of that money goes into the company's pocket with the teacher seeing a small percentage of it. Recently, many one coin "schools" have opened around Tokyo. Most of these places do not have professional, certified language teachers working there. Just because somebody speaks English doesn't mean they can teach it. 
At Know-English Academy, the language instruction is second to none. Our lesson fees are reasonable and provide the student with an excellent cost-performance option, guaranteeing your satisfaction. There are no registration costs at our school.

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How much does Know-English Academy Cost?
Know-English Academyの費用はいくらですか?


語学を学ぶには時間がかかります。言語学習に関しては特効薬はありません。最も重要なものは、あなたの能力の向上です。あなたは上達していますか?リスニングは上達していますか?イディオムや句動詞が聞き取れたり、使ったりすることができますか? 3ヶ月または6ヶ月のコースで「はい」と答えられれば、流暢な英語を話すことができるようになります。



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Why do you focus so much on pronunciation?
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The first impact you make when you speak English is your pronunciation. This component of speaking English is extremely difficult for Japanese people. In fact, many say this is why they struggle with English. At Know-English Academy, we focus on improving your pronunciation so that you make a great first impression when speaking English. It is the first key to the first door, which opens the first door of our logo. 

英語を話すときに最初に影響を与えるのは発音です。英語の発音は日本人にとって非常に難しいものです。実際、多くの人がこれが原因で英語に苦戦していると言っています。Know-English Academyでは、英語を話すときの第一印象を良くするために、発音の改善に力を入れています。それは、弊社ロゴマークの最初の扉を開ける最初の鍵となるものです。

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