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English For Kids And Teens

Let us introduce English to your kids!


We are also here to help your children brush up on or maintain their English speaking skills!

Custom-Made English Classes For Your Children
Your children's first impression when studying English will set them up for how much they enjoy exploring it in the future. We believe that it should be fun for children to study English; however, we feel that they should be able to use what they learn in a meaningful and constructive way.
ESL Class For Kids And Teens

Kid’s ESL Class 1

Basic to Beginner


This introductory course will teach your children pronunciation through phonics, the alphabet, colors, and vocabulary. We use games to help your kids use the language they study.

Kid's ESL Class 2

Intermediate To Advanced


This course is for kids who can communicate in English on an intermediate level and would help those who would like to share their ideas more easily with native speaking friends in school and social settings. It is a good course for returnees or those who have had some experience using English in the past.

ESL For Teenagers 


Upper-Intermediate to Advanced Program

For Returnees or Kids who can communicate in English

This course focuses on expanding and diversifying the vocabulary of our students. In this course, we also look to improve the students' overall conversational ability so that they can be comfortable attending universities, where most of the classes use English as the primary language.













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