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What our Custom Made Business English Programs Deliver:

  • Effective Communication

  • Quick Responses

  • Asking Succinct Questions

  • Practical Expressions

  • Diversified Vocabulary

Corporate English Classes For Your Staff.
These days being able to communicate with colleagues globally has become more critical than ever. We can help your staff learn practical English expressions, which they can immediately use at the office. We can also help your team with tips and techniques to make your staff's native speaking colleagues easily understand their online presentations.

We can train your staff online or we can come on-site. We have been having more of a demand for online classes. Get in touch with us with any questions you may have. We speak both English and Japanese.

My Business English 1

Beginner to Intermediate


This introductory course will cover topics ranging from everyday office vocabulary and typical Business English conversation. We will help you become a more self-confident speaker.

My Business English 2

Intermediate To Advanced


This course is for the experienced Business English speaker. We teach you useful business collocations, how to be neutral when disagreeing, how to jump in without causing your business partners or colleagues to get upset. Furthermore, we will look to refine and develop your listening skills, primarily focusing on specific information.







ESL Business Class
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