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    About me

My name is Johnny Evtimovski. I am the owner/operator of Know-English Academy. I have been a teacher in almost any kind of educational setting you can imagine. I have taught at elementary schools, junior/senior high schools, Business English Schools, and most recently at Kanda and Waseda Foreign Language College. I am from NY and have a BA degree in Education and am a certified New York State English Teacher. I believe that a good teacher can make a world of difference in a student's life. I am the kind of teacher that encourages students to push themselves and reach a high level of English fluency and proficiency. If you are interested in English lessons that can make a difference in your career, personal life, and get your children interested in English. 

How To Study With Us

The school is in a residential neighborhood. Several students come to study here, as they like the relaxed atmosphere of learning at home and enjoy face to face lessons. Think of our house as your English home.

We also offer online lessons. This option is perfect for those who want to study from the comfort of their own home.

On Skype: Johnnyesl

English Corner


Johnny is my all time favorite teacher.

Johnny is very energetic person, has a good sense of humor and he respects all of his student’s ideas. In his class, there is no distance between instructor and students, people are equally sharing their own ideas. He will listen to your ideas and give you a lot of helpful advice. 

He is not only teach you how to use English correctly but also teach you some useful tips to survive in your work place. 

His Conversation classes are full of laughing because his lessons are incredibly creative and interesting with very helpful, reality situations which you can easily find in a real life. 







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