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Ten intermediate-level TOEIC vocabulary words, along with their definitions and example sentences.

  1. Ambiguous: having more than one possible meaning. Example: The instructions for assembling the bookshelf were ambiguous, making it difficult to put together.

  2. Credibility: the quality of being trustworthy and believable. Example: The credibility of the witness was called into question after several inconsistencies were found in their testimony.

  3. Demeanor: a person's behavior, manner, or appearance. Example: The judge noted the defendant's calm demeanor in the courtroom and concluded that they were not showing any signs of guilt.

  4. Endorse: to publicly support or approve of something. Example: The celebrity endorsement helped to increase sales of the new product.

  5. Incentive: something that motivates or encourages a particular action. Example: The company offered employees a financial incentive to work extra hours during the busy season.

  6. Innovation: the introduction of new ideas, methods, or technologies. Example: The new technology was a major innovation in the field of renewable energy.

  7. Obligation: a duty or responsibility that one is required to fulfill. Example: It is the parent's obligation to provide their children with a safe and healthy environment.

  8. Perception: the way that someone understands or interprets something. Example: Our perception of time can change depending on our level of boredom or excitement.

  9. Relevant: having a direct and significant connection to the matter at hand. Example: The evidence presented at the trial was relevant to the case and helped the jury to make a fair decision.

  10. Utilize: to make use of something, often in a practical way. Example: The company utilized their resources effectively to increase productivity and profits.

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