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Phrases that can be used in Business English conversations

  1. "I couldn't agree more" - Use this phrase when you fully support what someone is saying.

  2. "I beg to differ" - Use this phrase when you disagree with someone's opinion.

  3. "That's a good point" - Use this phrase when someone makes a valid argument or observation.

  4. "Could you elaborate on that?" - Use this phrase to ask someone to explain something in more detail.

  5. "In my opinion" - Use this phrase when expressing your own personal viewpoint.

  6. "To be honest" - Use this phrase when you want to express your true thoughts or feelings.

  7. "I'm curious about..." - Use this phrase to express your interest in a particular topic.

  8. "It's a matter of perspective" - Use this phrase when discussing different viewpoints or interpretations.

  9. "It's a delicate situation" - Use this phrase when discussing a sensitive or complex matter.

  10. "I couldn't have said it better myself" - Use this phrase when you completely agree with something someone else has said.

These advanced phrases will help you express your thoughts and opinions more effectively and communicate more fluently in English. Just like the lower-level phrases, it's important to practice using them in real-life situations to help improve your confidence and skills.

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